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Farm Owner

The existence of AquaEasy technology certainly helps, especially with AI which makes it very easy to determine the actions that can be taken.

Dinh Tuan Hung

Farm Owner

Monitoring and measuring the environment automatically allows us to treat water immediately. By using iFeeder, we can also improve our Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

Sri Wahyuni

Lab & Administration

When I’m using AquaEasy, it really help us and makes productivity increase, and everything becomes easier. In terms of real-time data, and can be monitored anywhere.

Tran Van Ngot

Farm Owner

Simple to use and manage multiple ponds at once. Be aware of abnormal phenomenon and handle it immediately. AquaEasy help to improve productivity due to good water management.

Aziz Arzaki

Farm Technician

As long as I use AquaEasy, I don't need to write down the manual in the book anymore. With AquaEasy, I directly input data into the application and the results come out in real-time, especially making it easier to see a comparison of parameter fluctuations in the morning and evening.


Farm Technician

AquaEasy has helped us manage our cost better through the monthly subscription model. This make it affordable for us to finally use a good quality solution for our farm.


Farm Technician

With AquaEasy, it saves a lot of manual efforts in checking the water quality. We are now able to make better and faster decisions in detecting and providing remedy to the problems.

Daniel Farizi

Daniel Farizi

Farm Technician

As long as I was involved in shrimp farming for 18-19 years, using the AquaEasy application it's really help me a lot. Starting from checking, collecting data, monitoring the pool, and everything is more effective with AquaEasy. Which certainly can support the success of cultivation.

Eva Siti

Laboratory Analyst

Since using a chemical sensor from AquaEasy, checking the chemical quality of water using AquaEasy makes it easier to check the chemical quality of water, the data goes directly to the application, no need to recap, just download it! There is also a warning if there’s a problem with the water.

Huynh Khanh Luong

Farm Owner

I like the app because it's easy to use, fast, and responsive. It is possible to treat water promptly.


Enhanced shrimp farming with
advanced technology and comprehensive support


Improve feeding, water quality, and resource management


Optimize resource utilization and operational costs


Reduce water pollution by promoting environmentally responsible farming practices


Mitigate risks with early warning and data-driven decision making


Data and analytics that empower farmers to make informed decisions in real-time


Ensure that farmers can effectively use the solutions to their advantage


Every shrimp is well-cared-for with
state-of-the-art technology and data-driven services


An AI-powered intelligent feeder that maximizes shrimp farming efficiency with automated feeding to optimize shrimp nourishment sustainably

Key Features:

  • Automated feeding
  • Shrimp behavioral analysis
  • Real-time shrimp health monitoring


  • Optimal feeding with shrimp behavior detection
  • Increased efficiency with automatic feeding
  • Reduce costs by improving feed conversion ratio (FCR)

Smart Sensor

A sensor to monitor pond conditions, store data in the cloud, check various parameters, and offer customizable alerts for optimal management

Key Features:

  • Cloud data storage
  • Customizable alerts
  • Physical and chemical parameter checking
  • Real-time pond condition monitoring


  • Early stress factor detection
  • Enhanced growth and survival rates
  • Improved water quality

Data Insights and Management

AI-powered farm data analysis for informed decisions, optimizing growth, survival rates, and feeding to achieve optimal results in aquaculture

Features includes:

  • Customizable parameters
  • Historical data storage
  • Predictive analytics


  • Data-driven decision making

Farm Support Package

Farm Support Package empowers farmers with AquaEasy solutions to enhance productivity and profitability

Support includes:

  • Co-investing for profit growth
  • Training
  • Partnership in aquaculture and technology


  • Increase profit
  • Reduce cost

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